... and other fantastical creatures

... and other fantastical creatures.

As if egg laying duckbill-sporting mammals with poisonous spurs aren't weird enough, I make up my own crazy creatures. Or monsters, as I usually refer to them as, because I play Dungeons and Dragons and that's what you call a crazy ass creature in D&D. A monster.

I blog about D&D at backscreenpass.blogspot.com

Here I am just going to post monsters with no D&D stats.

What it is.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gardening Robots

Gardening Robots

These are gardening robots tending to sapling Death's Head Trees under the direction of an intelligent mycelial mass infecting an old Class A Planetary Destroyer.  A small flying eye (small circular robot to the upper right of the circled "2" ) coordinates the movements of the team, which fertilizes, waters and humidifies (3), prunes and tends (2) and disposes of all waste (1).

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