... and other fantastical creatures

... and other fantastical creatures.

As if egg laying duckbill-sporting mammals with poisonous spurs aren't weird enough, I make up my own crazy creatures. Or monsters, as I usually refer to them as, because I play Dungeons and Dragons and that's what you call a crazy ass creature in D&D. A monster.

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Here I am just going to post monsters with no D&D stats.

What it is.

Monday, October 8, 2012



A mutualistic relationship between a scaled creature that directly connects to the spinal column and grants regenerative powers and a host creature, trollganisms consequently come in many forms.  Pictured here: reptilian humanoid snapping turtle hosts, and also the trollganism pictured alone with no host.  This is not a natural state as trollganisms are implanted directly into the ova of the host's mother prior to fertilization by the biological father, and grow with the developing embryo.  Trollganisms are born into their mutualistic relationship, and a trollganism without a host dies shortly.  One interesting side note is that all trollganisms can identify other trollganisms and are non-aggressive toward them, leading to interesting congregations of species not normally associated with each other, all with mutualistic regenerative creature attached at the spine.  

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